If Today Could Speak

…it would sing.


It’s been really great. The morning was incredibly sunny and bright and not at all cold, which is quite rare these October days. I can’t believe it’s October already, though! I took my lovely little poodle, Dane, for his monthly¬†groom yesterday; he had the works at the local dog grooming¬†parlour and is now looking incredibly clean and dapper. I went for a little walk just around the neighbourhood, said hello to our fab neighbours and picked some flowers in the garden for our kitchen table.

I like to maintain the appearance of myself, my family, my car and my pets. I do think that it shows self-respect, care, and above all, self-love. It’s something that we should all work on a little more, I think. Although I often look after my outward appearance, I think I could easily clean my home more often, for example.

This is expensive to do professionally and I certainly can’t afford the time at the moment, but perhaps then I could arrange a family cleaning rota, for example. There’s always a way around absolutely everything if you put your mind to it, as my wonderful, late great Aunt used to say. I think we all have a lot more free will than we think…

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