Dating Tips By Olga

I frequently hear disheartening dating stories.

A client recently said the following:

“I frequently feel as though I am in an interview situation. I am applying for the position of this man’s spouse and I can only make the cut if I meet certain financial criteria. Frequently, this backfires and the reasons are typically two-fold; I can see through his questions and know that they are designed to assess my material worth and I find it insulting that he thinks I am dim enough to be duped in this manner and secondly, I find it ruthlessly and unforgivably shallow and any initial interest vanishes. I pull away or vanish and sometimes they seem to regret prying. I have no doubt that men frequently go through the very same sad ordeal with women. Sadly, it seems to be the result of pressure to be the best with wealth measured not in the wealth of the soul but in matters of the latest BMW model. I am asked certain questions which have been designed to procure definitive answers on my financial and social standing.”

Why can’t I find my soulmate?

This is such a commonly asked question. But let’s first explore what exactly you mean; what is a soulmate? When people talk about their ‘soulmate’, they are often accidentally referring to a romantic soulmate in particular because a soulmate is technically anyone you have had a previous connection with. When you meet someone you have known before in a very strong way, you may feel a sense of recognition (mildly to very strongly) and it is highly likely that you have been together before in some capacity. The connection may be tenuous, for example,  The list of possible reasons as to why you can’t find someone you feel an instant and strong connection to is probably literally endless.

Some possible reasons include the following:

  • You may have specifically planned not to (reasons being many).
  • You may have energetic blocks stopping you from doing so. Perhaps explore the idea of energetic healing.
  • You are subconsciously preventing yourself by not allowing yourself to move on after a traumatic break-up.
  • You are not taking adequate steps in order to facilitate the pre-planned meeting. Remember that we all have free will and if we actively choose to remain completely hidden from society, this may delay or even prevent the meeting from occurring, although destiny may also interfere so you do meet; these two schools of thought are often heavily debated in healing circles.
  • You may not be ready (again, for many reasons).

Lastly, you may not have one at all… yet (typically for the younger souls still finding their way). If you’re reading this, however, it is unlikely that this applies to you.

I have personally met men who I have known before but none of them recall me so knowing your history with them can be a blessing as well as a curse as it can also be very sad and lonely. While both of you may recognise each other, the

The difference between right and wrong for many is black and white but personally, I feel that in many instances, there are shades of grey because you can never view the true reasons behind what has happened.

The main thing is to keep on going out, and meeting new souls. You never know – the next one might be the one.

I met my soulmate at the wrong time

Perhaps that is the case, but you still met them, and remember that you may have more romantic soulmates en route so hold on and you may meet them too. It is highly likely that this was planned by you both in advance and the reasons behind it are again potentially infinite. If you are nearing the end of your current life, perhaps you will meet again, at the right time, during your next life. I know these words are not comforting.

I find it sad that we shared so much together but in this lifetime our connection is tenuous

Believe me, I understand this. You may have been married many times before, may have had children together and truly wonderful moments have been shared. You then leave your body in the third dimension, return after a while, meet the same person again albeit in a different body and they happen to be your dentist. You meet, shake hands, leave and never see each other again.

I regard as a great site for dating tips in today’s world. Please see this link for more details.