About Olga – Your Online Catholic Shamen

Hi, my name is Olga Hans and I like to think of myself as a Spiritual Sherpa. I was originally Catholic, and although I have retained my beliefs, I am now generally Spiritual. I created this site to try to help those who are having a hard time in life and a hard time with relationships.

Emotional Stone Age

When I have a prolonged period of time to reflect upon my experiences on this planet in this timeline so far and the society I reside in, I sometimes question if we are living in an emotional stone age. To date, the people of this planet has come a fair way forward in terms of technological and medical advancements, however, I personally feel our emotional development has been badly neglected and this has resulted in a lot of the emotionally stunted individuals who may not be able to grow exponentially during this cycle.

Karmic Resolution – Ending relationships or not starting them at all

Love is not, never has been, and never will be contingent on such shallow and stringent criteria. It is futile to change the appearance of the Other to conform to your personal image of beauty.

If you rate someone or indeed yourself, on how much money they have and so on, you may be condemning yourself to a connection which may not last the distance. Romantic connections may be tested best during hard times such as during periods of ill health or financial hardship. The more acute the problem, the more the connection will be tested. If you enter a connection because both parties seem to fit well together on paper, or because physical attraction alone is strong, and not because you recognise each other and hold a sincere desire for healthy connection, the connection may not last.

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