Preparing My New Work Place

As I recently acquired a few new wonderful clients and so I decided to stop working from home. I found an office nearby, in East London, and as it was affordable, I decided to go ahead and rent it out. It’s just the right size and it has quirky wallpaper and furnishings. The only thing that I really didn’t enjoy was the fact that the kitchen sink was blocked when I moved in, and two weeks later, it was still blocked! I finally got sick of waiting for someone to come along and fix it, so I took the matter into my own hands. I posted on My Builder and received a reply within the hour. This London drainage company called me as soon as I emailed them

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Evolving Emotionally

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries.

Nothing can be more important to you as a human being than your personal boundaries.

When I was a child, my boundaries were poor. Later on in life, I was told that this was because I originated from the Pleiades were the people there are far more evolved in every way, but especially emotionally and spiritually. I have always felt very different from others, even from a young age and I wonder if this may indeed be attributed to this.

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